The Ribbons West Series

Westward The Dream by Tracie Peterson & Judith PellaWestward the Dream – Book 1  
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Furthering the legacy of Carolina and James Baldwin begun in the RIBBONS OF STEEL series, Brenton and Jordana Baldwin make a trip across the continent to California, leaving a home ravaged by the Civil War.

Planning to visit the gold fields and photograph the wilds of western America, the travelers become tied to the establishment of the Union Pacific Railroad. Romance blossoms along the way, but dangers threaten to turn the dream into a tragedy.

Separate Roads by Tracie Peterson and Judith PellaSeparate Roads – Book 2
by Tracie Peterson and Judith Pella

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“Westward the Railroad!” Had Been the Battle Cry, but Would That Dream Only Lead Them Apart?

Brenton Baldwin had promised to provide a safe escort to California for Caitlan O’Connor, who is in search of her brother Kiernan. But as they neared the Nebraska Territory boomtown of Omaha, the thought of taking her further west caused Brenton grief. Now that his heart was totally hers, how could he leave her once they finally arrived at Kiernan’s door? While he couldn’t imagine life without her, he could hardly expect her to jump at the opportunity to become his wife.

With the arrival of spring in 1864, Kiernan and Victoria O’Connor struggle as his work on the Central Pacific Railroad keeps them separated for long periods of time. While Kiernan is put in charge of the dangerous task of blasting through Bloomer Cut in the Sierra Nevada, Victoria reaches out to assist a needy Chinese woman and her baby. But an accident with explosives suddenly changes everything, leaving Victoria and Kiernan with no means to support themselves.

Jordana Baldwin’s passionate dream of a future in the West has refused to surrender to a host of seemingly insurmountable roadblocks. Will her flare for adventure take her beyond her brother’s protection…or that of the handsome young cavalry officer who always appears at the right moment?

Ties That Bind by Tracie Peterson and Judith PellaTies That Bind – Book 3
by Tracie Peterson and Judith Pella

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The Race to Complete the Transcontinental Railroad Accelerates…. Will Sabotage Thwart Their Dream?

The Civil War has ended  and the Union Pacific and Central Pacific Railroads are locked in a high-stakes competition to link the eastern states with their western counterparts.

Jordana Baldwin’s writing catches the attention of an eastern newspaper, and she takes on the guise of a man to report on the progress of the rail line… and to spy for the Central Pacific. She continues to correspond with Captain Rich O’Brian, who now works for the Union Pacific.

When they meet again, romantic sparks fly, but Rich’s past still looms between them. Will competing interests keep Jordana and Rich apart…or bring them together?

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